AMI, has been incorporated with a mission by like-minded professionals, to bring about a “CHANGE FOR CHANGE” - to instill confidence in every normal persons’ life, by extracting all the natural abilities that have been gifted to everyone on this earth. The process, hence, needs to be foolproof in certain ways: It needs to be Scientific & Constant

Biometric Evaluation
BE is the process that has been adapted by AMI, as it meets both the above requirements. BE is based on a Science- Dermatoglyphics which is the medical study of Fingerprints- which remain Constant through an individuals life.

BE follows an EAR methodology
EVALUATIONS based on DNE: Dermatoglyphics Neuroscientific Evaluation: a process similar to the pathological analysis of blood, urine, stool etc. where a combination of Statistical Data matching and high level algorithms give desired derivatives in simple and understandable format to a normal human;

The report card showing the Innate (Inborn) Brain distribution as per simple Biology with the pre-defined brain lobes with their functions displayed in percentages showing their internal distribution and accordingly their comparative strengths; also many derivatives based on these which help guide an individual through a complete and stress less life;

The actual heart of this process: Our well trained consultants guide each individual through their strengths, average zones, limitations and their assessment based on different age groups, helping every person in easy decision making, going hand-in-hand with the NATURE & suggesting the correct need of NURTURE.

So... “Change for Change” is what we have set out as our mission, and bring about the desired CHANGE in every individuals life so that the entire outlook towards life is CHANGED! Be part of AMI- which means Friend in French!


ACADEMY OF MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE- AMI, has set out on a vision to Eradicate the social evil called as PRESSURE from every individuals life ! For this, AMI has set up a Team of highly dedicated professionals across the globe, who have the confidence that they can CHANGE every individuals life for the better, by simple guidance based on their INNATE strengths. AMI’s vision is to create a stress-free environment for the overall development of human intelligence, leading every individual towards the heights of INTELLECTUAL levels, by simple and constructive remedies which are easy to implement in the normal course of one’s life. Be part of AMI…Be part of the mission and vision to bring about a “CHANGE FOR CHANGE”