Biometric Evaluation Assessment & Remedial (EAR methodology)
Biometric Evaluation

uses Dermatoglyphics Neuroscientific Evaluation (DNE) : a process similar to the pathological analysis of blood, urine, stool etc. where a combination of Statistical Data matching and high level algorithms give desired derivatives in simple and understandable format to a normal human.


The report card showing the Innate (Inborn) Brain distribution as per simple Biology with the pre-defined brain lobes with their functions displayed in percentages showing their internal distribution and accordingly their comparative strengths; also many derivatives based on these which help guide an individual through a complete and stress less life.



The actual heart of this process: Our well trained consultants guide each individual through their strengths, average zones, limitations and their assessment based on different age groups, helping every person in easy decision making, going hand-in-hand with the NATURE & suggesting the correct need of NURTURE.