Guidelines on Professional Alignment
Guidelines on Professional Alignment
  • Select educational stream.
  • Select subjects of specialization.
  • Understand natural strengths & how to develop further.
  • Understand natural shortcomings and how to improve.
  • Chalk out the roadmap to graduation, post graduation and occupation.
  • Optimize learning through scientific SRW sequence and thought pattern balance.
  • Understand personal character traits and boost confidence.

Once the Students have reached a threshold of their 1st selection for a career path: The Stream selection, Brainbow offers a very crystal clear choice in Stream selection: Mathematical Science/ Biological Science/ Commerce/ Arts- in precise percentages! Along with this, there is also a clear cut mention on 12 broad Careers to go with the streams. The selection of subjects for specialization as well as post-graduation is very easy based on Brainbow. This is the start towards a successful career path based on Brainbow!

Of course, what is applicable to all students stays the same- the importance of study methods prescribed is always there! So, SRW- Sight/ Recite/ Write further broken to Text-Pictures/ Language-Sound/ Gross-Fine motor skills and their chronology as derived through Brainbow has to be followed very vigorously for enhanced learning & results.

Thereafter, the Occupational projections, shown precisely as per the streams recommended in star ratings, going from 1 star to 5 star in increasing strength further clarifies the process of occupation selection.

Brainbow gives professional solutions in 3 parts:

Work style preference:

showing department of working put out as follows:

  • Development:
  • Showing broadly a person’s Planning & Development abilities in precise percentages. A person’s Management skills are actually seen to the core here. When this shows the highest percentage for any person, it signifies that this person is someone who is born to lead. The ability to plan and manage an assignment is absolutely tremendous and vigorous. Traits are seen even in children who make good monitors or are actively involved in extra-curricular activities to do with Management of small events in school or at home! The ability to take responsibility in such individuals is very high. They are high on their Empathy levels too, so understanding the needs of their team members for them is natural. They generally like to be told only what is to be done- Not how it has to be done! They like to do things by taking full ownership and hence are seen as perfect managers!

  • Decision:
  • Showing broadly a person’s Analytical, Statistical, Visionary approach while dealing with any situation. Also shows a person’s ability to understand profit and loss. This is the department where all finance and accounting comes easy and naturally to the person. Any person involved in a decision process with natural abilities, has got virtues of patience & depth of understanding based on calm hearing. There is also a very systematic approach to any problem when analysing the same: lot of fact finding, lot of reasoning on the advantages and disadvantages of any action committed; high intuition based on previous experiences which are documented. Similarly, when involved in any decision pertaining to expansion or new business opportunity, there is a critical analysis keeping all facts and figures up to date on similar projects or decisions taken by others with their success patterns and failure trends. There are visionaries who are purely intuitive, while there are others who are very systematic. A person, who is strong on the ‘decision’ work style preference, is someone who can make excellent purchases as well as marketing strategies. They are people who decide the selling rates for products and know exactly when change is the need of the hour.

  • Operation:
  • Showing broadly a person’s Technical ability while approaching any work. These are people who are ‘hands-on’ in their approach to any work. They love to ‘do’ things & are naturally gifted for the same. They are very deft in their ability in use of their kinesthetic skills. They love performing tasks. They are very active and can do tasks to perfection. They are high on understanding their bodily skills and can take on highest possible stress levels while performing tasks. They are the technical people who know how to use machines practically. They like to be involved in any work in the actual execution of the task. They like to take on the responsibilities on practical aspects of any work. Their finesse & expertise in operations is natural. These people trust only themselves on the actual practical aspects. Their concentration level and ‘hand-eye’ coordination is amazing, leading them to perfection in operational aspects. They are suited for high-stress level physical jobs. They have the ability to self-motivate and are seen as born sportsmen. They can work longer hours without tiring out. These aspects are also highly visible in very young age. Parents and teachers often categorize these kids as hyper-active as they are highly mobile in the classrooms. They have a tendency of being ‘free’ with their hands too. The same deftness, when recognized naturally and nurtured properly, leads to a master craftsman, potter, sculptor, technician, beautician etc to name a few!

  • Communication:
  • Showing broadly a person’s ability in communicating properly and in a manner easily understood by others. When a person is strong in communication, the correct usage of words with subtle or volatile expressions is natural, so that the message is conveyed perfectly across. When communication is strong, such a person is generally a very good author or writer, as well as a strong contender to be a trainer. With good thought process and actions, such a person becomes a very good orator and can host shows easily. The natural ability to use ‘words’ is superb. Such people can be talking on the same topic without sounding repetitive. They can communicate the urgency when required to the team as well as the need of the hour when certain areas need to be stressed upon. The written communication is also super. Entire training material, sales and marketing material should be drafted by these people. They are highly expressive and once they have understood the ‘USPs’, they are able to make the best possible marketing materials to promote the products. Also, their mails are well drafted and appreciated due to the clarity of communication. These are the people who can be handpicked to attend training sessions especially when they need to come back and train others on how to use systems or understand the benefits of new products. This is a very important natural ability and necessary for professions wherein Training, teaching, sales etc is required.

  • Adaptation:
  • Shows broadly a person’s ability to observe and follow the written instructions or rules to the ‘T’. These are people who are generally involved in tasks which are seen as mundane by others who lack in the natural ability to do so. They are born auditors and high on business etiquette people. They are very sharp in their observations and generally give aesthetics also their due importance. They are natural fault finders in any written communication. Their presence of mind is seen as high. So, their innovativeness & analysis of current trends is stupendous. Their creativity is best utilized in making the best possible presentations. Whether it be marketing material, or excel sheets to portray the results, and show trends, these are the ‘fall to’ people! Any checking of documents, these are the people who should be the final authorities! These people are also very good in handling books-of-accounts, voucher making etc.

Career Type

shows the best role in which a person can fit and choose as a long term path:

  • Academic:
  • Shows broadly a person who is best suited and natural as a Trainer, with the ability to transfer full acquired knowledge to others. Such a person is generally vocal when fully equipped with knowledge and loves to counsel others! This person can motivate others to reach the best of their ability.

  • Technical:
  • Shows broadly a person who is a specialist in the job undertaken. Such a person is someone who is superb in technical details of the job in hand, whether it be ‘hands-on’ or Analytical! Such a person is generally a specialist, doing the core job.

  • Managerial:
  • Shows broadly a person who can get work done from others by following set of instructions as decided by the management or the board. Very adept at time management and keeping a tab on others to get the work done too!

Professional Quadrants:

shows the best suited overall atmosphere and governing rules while working for any individual:

  • Employee:
  • Shows broadly a person who works for an organization while abiding to the defined rules and regulations. Their orientation is such that they are ideally suited to their core activity while being faithful to their employers. They understand the value of their work and give back with their full capacity for the benefit of their employers.

  • Self Employed:
  • Shows broadly a person who likes to work as per his or her own set of rules. Does not like to report to anyone! Such a person makes a good ‘professional’- whether it is a Lawyer, Chartered Accountant or a Doctor to name a few!

  • Investor:
  • Shows broadly a person who allocates funds with expectation of financial returns. The market trends and study as related to finance and its management for such a person is natural. Such a person likes to invest and follow the shares market, stocks, land, property and commodities. They are seen as visionaries in business too.

  • Business Owner:
  • Shows broadly a person who is capable of handling entire business venture on own and so has the first right to the profit too. The overall ability of such a person is progressive because of flexibility along with focus. The management, Accounting, Decision making as well as Technical skills are all quite high in such a person. There is full ownership of decisions as well as success or failures in such a person.


shown in Brainbow in two broad parameters which are important for both, students as well as professionals:

  • Individual-Team:
  • Shows broadly whether a person likes to work alone or in a team. This is very important to understand the work preference too of a person. For a child, activities can be defined by this knowledge. For professionals, the biggest disconnect and reason for attrition is hit directly with precise pin-pointed 100% accuracy. This is very important knowledge both, for the parents as well as for the Management!

  • Indoor-Outdoor:
  • Shows broadly whether a person likes to work in the back-end or the front-end, also ‘in the office’ or ‘on the field’. This is another very important aspect to understand in human preference. There have been an ‘n’ number of cases of failure only due to lack of understanding this work style preference. A large number of misfits in the industry are prevalent due to this lack of understanding.

When the above parameters are actually understood with Brainbow with 100% accuracy, all the problems are removed for ever and the ideal situation of “Right person for the Right job” is achieved!