Detailed Career guidance for the Students
Detailed Career guidance for the Students
  • Select educational stream.
  • Select subjects of specialization.
  • Understand natural strengths & how to develop further
  • Understand natural shortcomings and how to improve.
  • Chalk out the roadmap to graduation, post graduation and occupation.
  • Optimize learning through scientific SRWSM sequence and thought pattern balance.
  • Understand personal character traits and boost confidence.

The most important phase of development of a human brain: the overall growth of the individual from a child to a responsible citizen/ human. This transition phase is that of a “Student”! Two important environment spheres also influencing the most in this phase need to be guided and controlled properly:

  • Home environment;
  • Social environment

The first important guidance for students based on Brainbow is the best suitable Board for studies: State/ CBSE/ ICSE/ IB. Each of these boards teaches the same thing, but in different methods. How a student can learn or acquire the best is what can be known from this solution. The important message here is that if there is a gap in the innate board and the actual selected board of any student, a student ends up facing a lot of problems, viz.:

  • Lack of concentration and focus on the subject being taught;
  • Under achievement in results due to lack of understanding;
  • Peer pressure due to comparison with co-students by teachers and parents;
  • Phobias for subjects or for certain teachers!

A lot of this can be changed by the first solution straight from the start!

The next important guidance for students is their method of study at home, as well as their sitting position in classroom based on Brainbow! Any person learns in 3 methods further broken down to 2 methods each: totally 6 variants:

  • Sight (Visual) made up of Text based & Picture based learning;
  • Recite (Auditory) made up of Language based & Sound based learning;
  • Write (Kinesthetic) made up of Gross motor skills & Fine motor skills.

These 6 parameters are each derived in precise percentages and their rank of occurrence going from highest being Rank#1 to lowest being Rank#6. A combination of the top 3 ranked parameters helps define the best method of study at home with #4 being a support system. So, if a lot of people like to have music “ON” while studying, it should not come as a surprise now once Brainbow also rates Sound based learning as being in the top 4 parameters! Similarly, a lot of people tend to doodle a lot while others cannot sit at one place and study. Based on the methods prescribed by Brainbow findings, the correct methodology will help increase and achieve productivity in learning, thus leaving a lot of time available with the student to pursue extra-curricular activities!

The next important findings for students are the innate Hobbies & Activities along with the Orientation of the student: where should the student invest Energy & Time, two very important resources & where should the parents invest Money-Energy & Time along with their child’s studies. The discovery of a genius in any sport or activity or hobby cannot be a matter of chance now that Brainbow is here! Brainbow will identify the best ‘time-pass’ activities for any student so that the free leisure time is constructively utilized for skill development leading to success in competitive environments without giving up! We will discover the geniuses scientifically using Brainbow! The orientation, given in 2 parameters: Individual/ Team & Indoor/ Outdoor clearly helps understand the study environment too!

Brainbow gives crucial guidance and solution to the most widely discussed and suggested topic: Stream selection after Xth: Sciences/ Commerce or Arts: This is the most important decision and the most tiring one as well for both: students and parents! This is where the influence of every person possible in the student’s life is immense! Everybody tries to influence the decision with their ‘expert’ comments! But, the biggest influence on the student is generally a group decision: what the student’s father has been expecting or what his/ her friends are opting for! In the event, the student starts believing that it is actually what he or she wants to pursue. Brainbow gives the biggest direction in life for a student by identifying whether the innates of the student support Sciences/ Commerce or Arts. Brainbow also gives a broad Stream based Career selection with this solution. So, the path becomes easier and the decision much more scientific and in sync with the innates!